Lowest interest rate in 47 years creates rare opportunity for buyers

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Harcourts South Africa welcomes the announcement by The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) to cut interest rates by a further 25 basis points, creating a rare opportunity for real estate investors and buyers in general. This takes the total cut in 2020 to 300 basis points, lowering the repo rate to 3.5% and the prime lending rate to 7%. The lowest rate implemented by the Bank in almost 47 years.

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For traditional agents, it’s all about redefining the meaning of value

Mar 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM Share this:

Digital disruption, coupled with the rapid, ongoing evolution of the real estate industry and property market, has meant that today’s real estate agents – particular those operating with the so-called traditional commission-based fee model – have to contend with a host of new competitive challenges. In order to be consistently successful, they need to step up to meet these challenges with a whole new set of skills and deliver a value proposition which meets the demands of modern consumers.

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Can’t get a home loan? You can Rent2buy

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When selling your property, one of the biggest hurdles is to find a buyer with an approved home loan. The same applies for a buyer - finding a bank that is willing to provide a mortgage loan.

De Waal says property buyers in Johannesburg and Cape Town can now search for any home priced from R400 000 to R1.8 million in any one of the two cities, contact Rent2buy, and move into their soon-to-be home within six to eight weeks.

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Positioning Your Property in the Market

Dec 17, 2018 8:00:00 AM Share this:

When your property first enters the market as a new listing, this is the time it will receive the most interest and enquiry. We call this your premium price opportunity. At Harcourts we believe it is all in the preparation. We can advise you on possible improvements that could increase the value of your property and will have completed through research to help you establish an expectation of price. We will make sure we have prepared every detail of our marketing strategy ready to launch your property to the market at its best during this critical time.

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Sellers, guard against the dreaded ‘double commission’

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Home sellers need to take special care now not to expose themselves to the possibility of having to pay a ‘double commission’ when their properties are sold.

If you choose an open mandate, you must insist upfront on a clause in the mandate that specifically provides for commission to be shared in any instance where more than one claim arises.

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What should you look for in a sales consultant?

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Selling a property is one of the most significant financial moves you will ever make, and it is vital you get the best possible price, whether it’s your home, a rental property or even a business or commercial property.

The way to do this is to understand the property market and current trends in your area, who your potential buyers are likely to be and how best to market to them.

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Which Market Are You In

Oct 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM Share this:

The average time it takes to sell a home indicates the market climate. It is very important a seller understands which market they are in and the average time it is takes to sell a property. Ask your sales consultant about the current market in your location.

There are three types of market climates:

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Does the 'for sale' sign still work?

Sep 11, 2017 8:00:00 AM Share this:

Richard Gray, Harcourts Africa Chief Executive Officer, says they get a lot of enquiries, both internally and externally, about the validity of the for sale sign.

“There are a lot of advantages to technology, I would be the first to admit, but we’ve proven that an integrated approach remains the best way forward,” says Gray.

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Keeping buyers and sellers informed

Sep 4, 2017 8:00:00 PM Share this:

Customer service is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal arms of any business. Especially in the modern age where we see how bad customer experiences can go viral and do terrible damage to a business reputation. However you feel about this modern-day practice, it is important to know, that spending time taking your clients opinions seriously should be very high on your priority list.

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