The five essential marketing tools for your property

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The decision to sell is made, but how do you ensure potential buyers know your house could be their dream home? Here are five top marketing tools to help you get the best possible result for your sale.


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Agency commission debate a product of the economy

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In recent years the commission of estate agents has been a point of contention, especially within industry circles. In the past few months it has certainly risen to the fore again as a product of economic circumstances which has influenced the demand and value of property in certain key markets, like the major metros and surrounding areas. 

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5 common mistakes made by first time property investors

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Buying your first investment property requires research and planning. Too often the choice is made for the wrong reasons, which can be difficult to reverse, if at all.

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Which Market Are You In

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The average time it takes to sell a home indicates the market climate. It is very important a seller understands which market they are in and the average time it is takes to sell a property. Ask your sales consultant about the current market in your location.

There are three types of market climates:

A seller’s market
There are lots of buyers and very few homes for sale. High demand for property is in the seller’s favour as properties spend less time on the market and sale prices rise due to scarcity.
To all sellers this is the “golden time” when they can be firm on their price and the conditions of the sale. If Buyer number 1 is not prepared to pay the price, Buyer number 2 and 3 will.

A buyer’s market
Often there are literally hundreds of homes for sale and very few buyers. High demand for buyers is in the buyer’s favour as properties stay on the market much longer and sale prices reduce to compete for buyers. Here the buyers have a field day as they know they can bargain hard and set the conditions of the sale. Should Seller number 1 not accept his offer, then seller number 2 or 3 down the road will be happy to accept.

A balanced market
Numbers of buyers and properties for sale are about equal. Neither buyer nor seller has an advantage as properties are not languishing on the market or being snaffled up.

What does all this mean if you are in the market for a residence for yourself?
If you are consecutively selling your property to buy another for yourself, it doesn’t matter in which market you find yourself. You either buy and sell ‘high’ in the ‘sellers market’ or low in the ‘buyers market’. For you buying or selling matters only to move around to suit your individual living needs. The property market should not concern you and all the jargon about Buyers - or Sellers market should be forgotten. Just find the property you love.

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Upcycling your Home

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With the Winter season comes indoor pursuits. It’s the perfect time to clean up and decorate around the home. Try ‘upcycling’, the popular transformation of discarded or useless items into something new or useful. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

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Harcourts South Africa Partners with The Global Challenge

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Harcourts South Africa has partnered with The Global Challenge, an international professional women’s golf team event – where nine players selected to represent the Northern Hemisphere will be teeing up against their counterparts from the Southern Hemisphere. The event is set to be hosted for the second time from 9-11 November in Hermanus, South Africa. 

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Local estate agency donates R20 000 to Down Syndrome Association

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Benoni based company Harcourts Elite, in association with the Harcourts Foundation, donated R20 000 to the Down Syndrome Association of Pretoria for their annual athletics day recently.

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Real Estate Investment: Getting Started

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It’s no secret that real estate is one of the most successful ways toward wealth creation, as a firm foundation in real estate can insure a successful financial future. However, knowing where to start can be daunting. Here are a few practical tips: 

Own your home
Choosing to own your home will no doubt benefit you in the long run, however it requires patience. Opposite of renting, your monthly payment is contributing to your own personal gain as opposed to making “empty” payments. Additionally, paying a mortgage for several years may allow you to purchase a new home with more favorable financing in the future. The return on investment comes into play when you are able to purchase a second home with better financing, in order to rent out your first home. You then enjoy an additional source of income.

Alternative investment
An easy way to get involved in real estate without actually owning, is through a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). There is no property management involved, rather, you own multiple properties through a trust. Investors can purchase shares, and as the property value increases, your share values increase as well. This is a great way to move your way into real estate slowly.

Look Outside Your Sphere
Logistically, it’s easier to set your focus on your local area, however a lot of investment opportunity lies outside your immediate reach. Consider outside booming markets, and also take into account that an investment takes time. Remember not to rush the process in seeking viable properties in other regions or states. Some of the best value comes from watching market trends across the country.

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Uncertainty over #LandExpropriation

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Experts say until the issue is resolved, country could see an increase in the sale of agricultural property

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Adjust to new market realities of a recession and keep going says property experts

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South Africa has slipped once more into a technical recession and 2018 looks set to be the third year in a row for real house price decline, yet the property market is far from dead assures property experts. What is important is to adjust to the new market realities as they are here to stay for a while.

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