There’s no excuse for poor marketing

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Gone are the days when property brokers were mostly stay at home moms knocking on doors to sell homes; but despite the industry now being far more sophisticated and bolstered by technology and full-time professionals, its image remains tainted and it has become cluttered with a barrage of tacky messaging.

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5 tips on becoming a good rental agent

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Renting is the smart financial choice for many consumers, but a ‘difficult’ landlord can easily make it feel like the wrong choice, and cause tenants to leave as soon as they possibly can.

On the other hand, says Gerhard Kotzé, MD of the RealNet Properties, landlords who are able to establish a good working relationship with their tenants will have a much easier time when it comes to organizing any repairs necessary and retaining those tenants or showing the property to prospective new tenants.

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Cape Town's Southern Peninsula offers unparalleled real estate value

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Analysing the real estate market on the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town during the last few years this unmistakably beautiful region of our coast has continually provided homeowners with a consistent return on investment as well as presented buyers with exciting long term value. 

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Biggest mistakes sellers make

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All indications are that it will remain a buyer’s market for a while longer, yet your new client insist on putting a premium price on their beloved family home. Overpricing is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make, here are a few more with some expert advice on what to do.

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How to take great listing photos

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Make sure your listing photos are eye-catching. Traditionally property sales start to pick in springtime, but if your online listing photos aren’t eye-catching then you might just lose out on a potential sale as homebuyers scroll by your posts. Here are top tips on how to have the best listing photos.

First impressions count. Most homebuyers today turn to the internet to search for their dream home and research shows you have only seconds to grab their attention, so make sure the first shot shows off the home at its best angle.  Make sure the view is not obstructed by cars or walls. The property should also appear well looked after – lawn or yard kept and tidy which means no toys lying around, weeds pulled, walls painted and in case there is one, swimming pool sparkling.

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Tips for agents who want to be at the top of their game

Jan 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM Share this:

Rising municipal rates, fuel price hikes, high unemployment rates and uncertainty over high crime rates and corruption in state entities all make for a challenging sell for real estate agents. Yet, property sales and rental agents can be at the top of their game in securing client loyalty, leases and sales.

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Repo cut rate does little to save economic concerns

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The South African Reserve Bank's monetary policy committee announced yesterday that it has voted to reduce the repo rate from 6.5% to 6.25%. Therefore the prime rate will fall to 9.75%. Although this will certainly alleviate some pressures for those in debt we are a long way from saving a vulnerable economy.

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Real Estate: 2020 and beyond

Jan 13, 2020 8:00:00 AM Share this:

The real estate industry has undergone immense transformation over the past two decades, but a number of significant and influential emergent trends are poised to further revolutionise the sector and the way in which we live.

Influenced by a multitude of factors and operating in regular cycles, the real estate industry has always been one of the most dynamic, but in recent years the changes have become progressively dramatic with the next decade poised for even more significant transformation.

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New Act protects homebuyers far better against loss of money

Jan 6, 2020 8:00:00 AM Share this:

Did you know that under the new Property Practitioners Act, one of the many changes will be that a consumer may claim their money back from property practitioners, even if they are trading without a valid FFC? Robert Krautkramer, director with legal firm Miltons Matsemela, expands on what the new Act says about who will need FFC’s to practice and the consequences of not having a valid certificate.

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Transformation is a journey

Dec 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM Share this:

The transformation of the property sector is a journey that requires the commitment of all industry role players – also the new players included as property professionals in the new Property Professional Act says Dr Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw, executive chair of Black Women Organisation South Africa (BWOSA) and author of the new Act’s chapter on transformation.

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