Selling secrets for the warmer months

Oct 26, 2021 11:36:45 PM

The weather is warming up and Spring is in full swing. Despite South Africa being a relatively warmer winter nation, it still feels as if we hibernate during the colder months. Thankfully Harcourts experienced unprecedented growth this past year so we are expecting even more activity in the real estate market in the coming months. Summer is approaching fast and if you are thinking of selling this summer, here are a few insider secrets.

The exterior is half of the battle
South Africans are traditionally outdoor home dwellers. We love experiencing the incredible weather and lighting a fire on the weekend. Buyers will be in that mindset when browsing for homes. Getting your home Summer selling ready is all about preparing the exterior aesthetics. Beautifully manicured gardens, neat and tidy outside walkways, if you have a pool try and get it sparkly and clear to invite buyers to imagine the possibilities. Plant flowers that excel during the Summer months so that buyers get the scent of the garden when waling in, remember we buy with all our senses.

Freshness activated
Following the previous discussion around senses, it is a good idea to keep this as a central theme. Summer and warm weather is all about renewal. When you have a show day, have fresh fruit displayed in the home, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for buyers,  flowers displayed in full bloom and scented candles filling the spaces. Another idea is to have the grass mowed on the day, nothing says home like the freshly cut grass aroma. Also, choose show times carefully. You don't want buyers walking through your home in peak sun with no airconditioning. Put on the fan, open all the windows and choose a cooler time of the day.

Welcoming and inviting
Our agents are always trained that selling a home is about helping the potential buyers envision this becoming their space. Do not hide family photos, surfboards, bicycles, festive decorations or even the Xbox.  Just pack it away neatly. These items add homeliness to the property. A cold stark room has no personality, so don't turn your house into an operating theatre. Let it live and breathe your essence. After all, you saw something in that home too.

Visual representation
The final point ties up all the previous tips. Discuss with the agent that there are certain aspects of the home that make it perfect for Summer living and then have them capture that in the photos and video. That way you are able to translate the feelings you have about the home into the visual media.

Summer in South Africa is an amazing time, and selling your home during this period is very exciting. Discuss these points with your agent and make the sale of your home a fun and seamless process.

Statement by
Richard Gray
Harcourts South Africa CEO

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