Selling in Spring?

Aug 13, 2021 7:34:20 PM

Spring not only exemplifies the concept of - new, it also is a great time to sell your home.  Are you a homeowner who is thinking about selling your home in the next couple of months? Well, Spring offers many sellers a unique market opportunity as the season's change, especially into a warmer climate, signalling the start of increased buyer activity.

In addition, September is also the time when buyers traditionally start searching for new homes due to the changes the new year presents: school feeder zones, employment shifts, upgrading and downgrading.

If you are thinking of selling and want to take hold of this opportunity. Here are a few crucial tips that will make a big difference to the way your home is presented in the market.

Appearance and aesthetics
As the buying publicly begin to emerge from the colder months and step out into the fresh Spring air it is not uncommon for buyers to drive around desirable suburbs and identify properties they like. That is why it is so important your home stands out. Start taking good care of your garden, outside boundary walls and any external structures that are clearly visible. A neatly kept garden with Spring flowers and a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference.

Awaken the senses
If you are going to have a show day, as they are allowed according to Harcourts COVID protocols, bring some of those fresh flowers into the home and display them on a counter or dining room table. Buyers shop with their senses and nothing shouts home like nature flowing indoors. You can also light the braai and let that smokey fire ignite the buyers desire for entertaining. It is all about the little things. So plan show days on Sunny days! Let buyers feel the gentle draft moving its way through the home.

Tidy up quick
Buyers, especially in the modern market, often like to make an appointment as soon as possible. Obviously, your agent will accommodate your needs, but try and create tidy up systems in the home that not only makes the property visually appealing but that it can be done in a short space of time. Identify key decor strengths that act as a primary display, and keep these Spring showcases always ready for a buyer to spot.

These are only a few tips that can assist you to take advantage of the new season. So, make contact with a Harcourts agent near you and get selling in Spring.

Statement by
Richard Gray
Harcourts South Africa CEO


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