Table View property market to benefit from the latest developments

Apr 13, 2021 10:42:40 PM

Analysing trends in Cape Town's property market over the last year and the perpetual increase in demand for high return on investment opportunities, given the low-interest rate and macroeconomic conditions, the latest development in Cape Town's booming suburb of Table View, aptly named "Cornerstone on Arum" is set to continue this trend. 

"What sets this development apart from other investment opportunities in and around Cape Town is that at R1 450 000 for a two-bedroom apartment you are getting high-quality finishes, German quality appliances, green energy features and your investment is ideally located in a good capital growth region," said Trish Parsons, Sales Manager at Harcourts Atlantic. 

Trish goes on to explain that first-time buyers are weighing in heavily in this market and that many buyers are realising the power of a long term investment such as property. Especially in fluctuating economic conditions that negatively influence consumer confidence. 

"Real estate often defies short term economic trends and more often than not creates positive growth patterns for buyers over the longer term. In uncertain times buyers and investors turn to real estate to ensure their investments remain stable," added Richard Gray, Harcourts South Africa CEO. 

"Developments of this nature, especially those that are situated in quiet, established neighbourhoods, are close to amenities, the beach, major transport routes and schools, will contribute positively to the surrounding property market and attractiveness of the region," explained Rolf Rhodes from Promontory Property.

The possibility of new developments that are well managed and effectively implemented in regions that are often overlooked is an exciting trend that will have a phenomenal impact on the local market as well as the greater Cape Town property market. 

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Harcourts Atlantic
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