The age of information is a real estate opportunity

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Modern times are evolving so rapidly that businesses and individuals alike are having to continuously analyse their practices and strategies to ensure they stay ahead of the game. This is especially applicable to the real estate industry which has seen an array of local and international factors influence how everyday business is conducted.

For one we've seen how our customers are becoming a lot more informed. They have access to statistics, technologies and information at the click of the button that can display a plethora of current, relevant data on the market their home is located in. Banks, bond originators and the media release information almost weekly on the trends of the industry, identifying the demand areas as well as informing consumers on the pros and cons of certain investments empowering the man on the street. This is fantastic!

Therefore it is crucial that real estate companies have extensive internal training structures of the highest standard in place to ensure they are equally if not more informed than their clients, that they are able to identify trends in their specialist areas before they even occur, that they can confidently offer clients accurate insights into the transaction and have the answers to the tough questions.

When these programmes are in place the evolution of the market does not intimidate your business but rather excites you at the possibilities.

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Innovative South African real estate technology

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Global real estate innovation has never evolved as rapidly as it has in recent years. With technologies and cutting edge training systems the main culprits of this revolution, real estate professionals are being forced to stay on top of their game at all times.

Monitoring the latest technological advances both locally and across the world it is important to assess the effects these developments might have on the property market.

One instance in particular, the inclusion of live broadcast on social media channels, has dramatically shifted the way many estate agents are approaching their marketing efforts. In the United States live broadcasts are staking a hard claim to replace the show day, inviting interested buyers to tune in on a Sunday morning and experience the virtual tour of the home, from wherever they please, succeeded by interacting digitally with the agent via comments or online chat. This can be effectively implemented with a relatively cost effective smartphone and an internet connection.

Similarly, webinars are ensuring agents can stay educated and informed at all times, avoiding the traditional long waiting periods between training sessions. These platforms create interesting sharing sessions as a wide variety of professionals usually gather, from different locations, to feed off and inform each other.

Although it often it takes a while for these approaches to become daily practice in South African real estate, times are definitely a changing. We’ve noticed a dramatic increase in property consultants and business owners incorporating state of the art technologies to offer their clients a more informed service. Virtual and augmented reality is a concept now being implemented on a small scale in Somerset West but has already reaped major benefits for sellers. Buyers from all over the country, even the world can walk through a home that has not even been built yet, simply and effectively.

The days of being content with the way you service clients, interact with interested buyers and market your business and listings are long gone. Standing on the edge of tomorrow is almost a prerequisite. And this should excite every real estate professional in the country. I know it does me.

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