Harcourts' continued South African growth cemented in market understanding and culture

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Although South Africa's economy has been under pressure in recent years with rising costs placing consumers in a price pinch, compounded by volatile market fluctuations causing unpredictable cyclical trends - Harcourts South Africa experienced unprecedented growth over this same period. Sales have grown 115% in the past five years, the amount of agents have doubled and 2017 was Harcourts' most successful year on record.

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Guided by ethics in real estate

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Buyers and sellers of property are constantly bombarded with a plethora of information and advice on when the right time is to buy, what economic factors to consider and other insights that often leave them confused. It is here where the onus of guidance and ethics for a real estate agent play a crucial role.  

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How to steer clear of rental property scams

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Searching the internet has become the norm for consumers looking for homes to rent, with classifieds websites recording huge traffic increases in this category over the past few years.

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Positive sentiment in budget re-enforces confidence

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One of the major attractions to investing in property is your capital growth, in addition to your ongoing rental income.  For that to be true, you need to ensure that your property is well maintained and cared for.  A bad tenant can do significant damage that you may have to repair, eroding much of your capital growth.

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What can ‘middle class’ homebuyers in SA really afford?

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When times get tough in the real estate market, home sellers really need to know what prospective homebuyers can afford, so they can set their asking prices accordingly.

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What you need to know about electric fence certificates

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Most homeowners know by now that they must have a valid Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC)  if they want to sell, because their property can’t be transferred to a new owner without one.

What they may not know, however, is that they are actually required to have an ECC at all times – and required to get a new one every two years, or whenever any alterations or additions are made to the electrical system on their property – whether or not they are planning to sell. 

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Fine-tune your marketing now for a successful home sale

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Two interest rate increases in the past year and a decline in the discretionary income of most households means that correct pricing has become even more essential for home sellers hoping for a quick, clean transaction.

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New look Harcourts growth higher than local property market

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Harcourts has grown its sales turnover at over 20% in 2015 compared to 2014 whereas the local property market has grown at around 10%. Of this industry increase of 10%, most of the upward movement has been house price inflation which accounts for between 8% and 9%, whilst volumes grew marginally.

Harcourts growth has come due to the expansion of its franchise network and increase in sales force. In addition, Harcourts has improved on its already industry leading technology, which has made it even more effective in selling homes. It is significant that Harcourts agent numbers have gone up, whilst the number of agents in the industry has gone down over the past couple of years. Harcourts agents are known as the locals in their community, and with this community based business practice they have become synonymous with building relationships.

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Agricultural property investment will remain resilient against drought and economy

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South Africa is experiencing one of its worst droughts in decades. With five out of nine provinces being declared disaster zones, concerns over food security and high food prices are adding pressure to an economy already under strain. Many farmers are facing massive losses and this is indeed a dire situation. How does this affect the agricultural property market though?

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