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Is WhatsApp changing real estate?

Jul 31, 2019 11:35:16 PM Share this:

As new technologies and improved systems are perpetually introduced into our modern business environments, innovations in client communication is undoubtedly at the forefront of this rapid evolution. The real estate industry has experienced a flurry of new concepts and advancements in the past year especially with regards to agents having to incorporate real time communication tools into their daily practices.

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President's SONA inspires but lacks detail

Jul 13, 2019 1:27:46 AM Share this:

President Ramaphosa delivered his State of the Nation address in Parliament yesterday and outlined seven priorities and five goals whilst acknowledging that due to financial constraints government would not be able to deliver “everything at one time”. In the real estate sector, the economy has played a major role in activity and commitment and we're excited that the President is prioritising economic growth and hope for strategic and continued implementation.

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What millennial buyers are looking for

Apr 26, 2016 5:39:57 AM Share this:

Technology and modern design elements have undoubtedly influenced what first time buyers, especially millennials in the under 35 category, deem attractive. Access to tech hubs, Wi-Fi coverage and fibre optic connectivity,  as well as taking green innovations into consideration are all characteristics millennials are looking for.

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Guided by ethics in real estate

Apr 14, 2016 3:21:58 AM Share this:

Buyers and sellers of property are constantly bombarded with a plethora of information and advice on when the right time is to buy, what economic factors to consider and other insights that often leave them confused. It is here where the onus of guidance and ethics for a real estate agent play a crucial role.  

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