Nov 12, 2018 2:00:37 PM

The appeal of "Off-The-Grid" living

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There appears to be a renewed global interest in off-the-grid lifestyle living. And with electricity and water prices continuing to escalate one doesn't have to wonder why the appeal of this life-choice is increasing.

We understand that there are many possibilities for home-owners to convert their traditional homes into eco-powered sustainable feats. This shift, if adopted by many more, will do wonders for the sustainability of our natural resources as well as reduce demand on the electrical supply system.

As technology and internet "home" based working also continues to rise many people are choosing to live this "off-the-grid" type lifestyle far away from the rate race. This allows them time to enjoy a quieter more independent way of life without having to rush into work every day.

Now, this is not possible for everyone and for those who desire this lifestyle yet cannot afford to move away from CBDs, something equally exciting is happening. Many new developers are introducing eco-friendly and smart and efficient homes into their developments right from the get-go, often situated a stone's throw from major centres.

There are some impressive lifestyle and "green" estates that aim to preserve the natural environment as well as introduce the natural elements in a non-invasive manner. Homes are being built with responsibly sourced products and incredibly efficient technologies are being introduced: solar power, rainwater harvesters, battery banks, energy saving lamps, energy efficient appliances and the list goes on.

What makes these estates even more appealing are the amenities often attached to them. Activity opportunities like; lakes where friends and family can enjoy the water, rustic running and walking routes on the borders of the development, private homes with a vastness and greenery.

When we aim to live in harmony with nature there is a far greater appreciation for it and when you're surrounded by breathtaking natural elements, that preserves biodiversity and ecosystems -paired with world-class security and technology to boot, home becomes somewhere you can't wait to go to.

Statement by

Richard Gray

Harcourts Africa Chief Executive Officer