Agent empowerment to assist clients

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There are many great investment opportunities in the local real estate market currently. Often during a bout of economic uncertainty, us as consumers keep our cards close to our chest in an attempt to mitigate risk. Which is always the wise option, however as the dust starts to settle the investment sprouts start to emerge from the now fertile soil.

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Does the 'for sale' sign still work?

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Richard Gray, Harcourts Africa Chief Executive Officer, says they get a lot of enquiries, both internally and externally, about the validity of the for sale sign.

“There are a lot of advantages to technology, I would be the first to admit, but we’ve proven that an integrated approach remains the best way forward,” says Gray.

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Big Dreams Start at Home | Cricketer

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"Passion is the key to making a dream come true. Talk to Harcourts and let's make those real estate dreams a reality. Whether you're buying, selling, letting or renting property, give us a call. #BigDreamsStartAtHome

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Career as a Commercial Agent

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A career as a commercial agent is not for everyone, and it requires a very specific combination of skills. Education (preferably a background in economics, finance or commerce) and the ability to work quickly with numbers and analyse data are essential. Commercial agent positions are best suited to multitaskers who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with a variety of people. Interpersonal skills, dedication to customer satisfaction and persuasiveness are all important.

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Overcoming the fear of public speaking

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The power of being able to speak in public or before a small group is underestimated. No document or meeting can impact like a presentation or powerful speech.  What good is knowledge without being able to share it? What good is desire to influence people if you can’t inspire them?

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