Harcourts celebrates best month ever in midst of economic and political uncertainty

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The year 2017 is going to be remembered for many years to come, not only from a political perspective, like the fall of Robert Mugabe, but a year of economic turmoil in South Africa that undoubtedly affected an array of different markets. We saw some areas of the property market skyrocket and increase in unprecedented ways and other areas that completely stagnated causing much concern.

South Africans have a desire for information and generally speaking are informed consumers. With the ANC National Conference happening in a few days many of us are keeping a close eye on the outcome, predicting the existential effects of the conclusion - hoping there might be some relief for cash strapped consumers.

However, despite all the uncertainties and pundits preaching doom over the market, Harcourts South Africa celebrated its best month ever in November 2017. This success seems to defy the general trend and we're very proud that more and more both local and international buyers and sellers are gravitating toward the Harcourts brand.

We've always believed that building relationships both internally and externally will solidify our market presence and prioritise incredible service.

This success goes to show that there is still a lot of activity in the property market but that people have chosen to use respected brands with high referral rates that invest in technology and training that assist the client.

The property market is in a continuous cycle of development and evolution, Harcourts has invested  lot of resources and time understanding these changes and developing strategies to ensure growth. Our products and services are aimed at assisting clients in achieving the best results possible.

I have always maintained that property is a long term investment and that the buyer and seller should look at the short term fluctuations with a critical eye. Property defies common economic trends and is able to stand strong against even the most turbulent winds.

Statement by
Richard Gray 
Harcourts Africa Chief Executive Officer

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Real-estate agency Harcourts launched its own App store

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CAPE TOWN - Harcourts International, recognised in the real estate industry for game-changing mobile technology, has launched the Harcourts App Store.

 Built with Apple’s iOS (operating system), the store is an enterprise application through which Harcourt's team members can access, download, update and install its proprietary mobile applications eOne, eOpen and eCampaign. 

“We are one of the first real estate companies, globally, to take advantage of and build our own member-facing app store on Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program,” said Anton Jansen van Vuuren, Harcourts South Africa National Operations Manager.

“While most people are familiar with the Apple App Store, resident on all iPhones and iPads, the Harcourts App Store is a business to business solution to allow Harcourts team members to access our proprietary mobile applications eOne, eOpen and eCampaign, which were custom built and developed in-house.

They are the backbone of what makes Harcourts unique in the marketplace, and they’re utilised across Harcourts'  150-plus office network in South Africa,” explained Richard Gray, Harcourts South Africa CEO.

The company’s three mobile apps utilise Apple iOS built-in technologies, seamless security, and integration with Harcourts enterprise systems.

 This month the Harcourts apps will benefit from a new release that offers enhancements specific to management of client information, designing bespoke marketing campaigns, registering and communicating with both buyers and sellers.

“The Harcourts App Store is an important milestone for our business focus on innovation,” continued Jansen van Vuuren.

 “We believe designing and building tailored solutions that our members can utilise on their mobile devices is essential to boosting productivity and the quality of service to their clients. It’s what

sets us apart in the real estate industry.”

The vision for Harcourts is to deliver an unparalleled client experience. It is the mobile app development platform for providing an end-to-end mobile solution to empower team members to operate with equal efficiency and effectiveness whether in the field or in the office.

"Harcourts was the first international real estate company in the world to have its mobile business solutions featured on Apple’s website."

In recognition of Harcourts’ innovation and use of the iPad and iPhone to drive greater efficiency and productivity, Apple, produced a video and business case study about Harcourts’ mobile suite

of apps," concluded Gray.

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Am I too young to buy my first house?

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The short answer is no. If you have the financial means and qualify then investing in property in your early 20's & 30's might be one of the best decisions of your young adult life.

Strangely enough, the majority of first-time home buyers are in their 40 & 50's, when they are already overloaded with a myriad of financial responsibilities, families, businesses, or other investments, which means they will either have to work longer to pay off their mortgages or enter retirement with a substantial amount of debt hanging over their heads.

Buying property in your 20's when you have very few to no financial commitments, means that you are ahead of the pack, and will have a solid investment by the time you are ready to start a family.

However buying property is not just about qualifying for the bond, but also ensuring you can actually afford everything it entails. Aside from your bond, there are monthly rates, taxes, levies, and of course the upkeep. If you are planning to have tenants towards, making use of a reliable real estate agent ensures that your property is well looked after, while you continue your studies, travel the world or climb the corporate ladder.

Property is not just an investment, it's a 20-30 year financial commitment and without the proper financial planning, your investment could very well provide you with more pain than joy.

That being said, by doing your research, educating yourself and enlisting the help of professionals, such as financial planners or mortgage brokers, you should be able to make an informed decision based on facts instead of making a spur of the moment emotional decision based on what's "trendy".

Statement by
Richard Gray
Harcourts Africa Chief Executive Officer

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