Recent CX reveals that Harcourts South Africa is at the forefront of customer service

Aug 28, 2020 5:50:28 PM

Harcourts South Africa continues to raise the bar on customer service levels in the real estate industry. In a customer experience (CX) survey conducted recently, the majority of the responses rated our agents 10/10. 

Data from our customer experience polls showed that not only do our agents uphold excellent levels of service but obtained consistent positive ratings out of 10 on the Net Promoter Score for July alone. Of the feedback received, an overwhelming number of ratings were 10/10. We haven’t seen results this high at a country level before, and we’re thrilled to share these statistics with our customers and business partners both in South Africa and abroad.

It is a well-known fact that customers are the foundation of every business. However, within an industry, as people-centric as real estate, providing good service is without a doubt a critical element to positive results. Since the largest component of real estate investing involves engagement and communication, customer experience remains a significant cornerstone for brand success. 

Our agents focus on building quality relationships and making people’s lives better. The strategy has always been to offer the best possible experience from the moment a client engages with us. This mindset equips our staff to put the client’s needs first. Whether we are showing their property, handing over the keys to their new home, or discussing their property options – we aim to ensure that every client with Harcourts feels like they are being taken care of, from the outset and throughout their entire journey with us. 

These survey figures have provided us with measurable outcomes and also allow us to assure clients that our agents will continue to offer unmatched service levels. Harcourts South Africa aims to set the standard for customer experience within the property industry, and we believe that we are already at the forefront of client relations. We recognise that offering good service has allowed us to establish meaningful connections based on trust, while also strengthening the reputation and loyalty of the Harcourts brand. 

Finally, thank you to every agent that has made it possible to share this incredible feedback with our audience.

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Statement by
Richard Gray
CEO Harcourts South Africa

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