Instagram for Real Estate

Jul 6, 2021 12:07:26 AM

Instagram can be a little intimidating at first, and that’s not talking about the gorgeous fitness models and influencers that the platform has become synonymous with, but in terms of really making a connection with your online communities, the platform is a brilliantly useful tool for the real estate industry. Here are 6 reasons why…

  1. Photo-based Instagram is an opportunity for you to showcase your hottest and most beautiful listings to a different community, or even your area, or what you had for lunch! With Instagram, it’s all about relaxed and fun. Audiences on Instagram are already hungry for pretty pictures so give them something to drool over.

  2. Built-in and easy-to-use editing options make it super simple to make those property pictures pop! With a few clicks and edits you can take your photo from hum-drum to hell hot!

  3. IG Story is the fastest-growing social media format at the moment, and a brilliant way to reach out to your audiences without them coming to your page, and being instantly connected to your FB page, it’s twice the exposure. Stories also have a little more of a spontaneous, playful and less “advertising” feel to them. Virtual tours, agent introductions, and fun office videos are all fantastic ideas. Also super easy to publish – so try it out!

  4. Personal. One of Harcourts key brand personalities is to be personable, and Instagram is an excellent way to show the softer side of real estate, of your day in the life, or of your more playful side. Don’t underestimate the power of personality amidst the sea of real estate corporates out there.

  5. Increase your brand awareness by promoting your Instagram profile on your marketing. It’s as fun as it is popular, so your clients are likely to give you a follow if your content is captivating.

  6. Promotion. Instagram doesn’t have to be all play and no promotion – the great thing is you can mix both. Industry-related information like market updates or client reviews make for great content.


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