Harcourts Shows Tremendous Growth in the USA

Jun 6, 2018 6:50:33 PM

Harcourts USA, an Australian based international real estate company, has seen tremendous recent growth in the US. They have acquired two new offices in Southern California, innovated their Harcourts Academy trainings, and continue to grow their non-distressed auction platform. Overall , agent numbers have drastically increased this past year as well.

A major contributing factor to Harcourts’ US growth is new offices that recently joined, Harcourts Entourage Realty Group near The Great Park Irvine and Harcourts Pinnacle in Downtown San Diego.

“When we look at growth, we aren’t just interested in putting on more offices, but we want to make sure we are putting on the very best people,” discusses Regional Director of Harcourts Pacific, Rob Forde.

“We are a values-based organization and really care about the way our brand is perceived and our reputation is displayed in the marketplace. This is why we are thrilled to have these two offices on board with leaders that truly embody the Harcourts values,” continues Forde.

In addition to office growth, Harcourts has increased agent count by 44.3% since the beginning of 2017. With their significant growth in people, they have begun broadcasting and live streaming their Harcourts Academy training courses to offices in further locations like Nevada and Hawaii, making it a priority to ensure all team members have an opportunity to attend classes.

Along with live-streaming, Harcourts added Tech Tuesday’s as a strong recent addition to Harcourts Academy courses. These are monthly ongoing series covering all the technological aspects of being a real estate agent in today’s market, and they are taught by Harcourts Business Operations Manager, Chris Cochran.


Harcourts launched their non-distressed auction platform 3 years ago in the US, and they continue to utilize it as a key point of difference in the marketplace. It’s a process they have mastered in New Zealand and Australia, and a process the US has quickly realized delivers a whole new experience to their clients.

“Auction is a breath of fresh air for an industry that has become very bland,” mentions Managing Director of Harcourts International, Mike Green. “Through its transparent, dynamic, and successful approach, buyers know exactly where they stand, sellers are achieving higher prices in less time, and our team is excited and enthusiastic, exactly what you need for success.”

Harcourts Auctions has had fantastic growth in the US, recently seeing a record auction sale price on a property in Dana Point. Harcourts Auctions with Harcourts Prime Properties Monarch Beach were able to attain an incredible result for the seller, selling the home at $11,750,000. Prior to being listed as auction, the property had been previously listed traditionally on and off the market over the course of 3 years.

Harcourts Auctions also kicked off their live auction events in 3 different regions throughout Oregon last month; Clackamas, Bend and Silverton.

Harcourts was founded in 1888, starting with a single office in New Zealand. Today they have over 900 offices in 10 different countries, and over 10,000 people on their team.

“Our growth over the last 20 years has not been by accident. We attract quality people focusing on one thing, the Harcourts Experience,” discusses Mike Green.

“We are extremely excited about our business in the US and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Harcourts USA plans to expand throughout the country, specifically eager to venture into Las Vegas to spearhead growth further east. They also have near future plans to move further north into Los Angeles, Central California, and up into the Bay area.

“Here we are with 36 offices up and down the west coast of the states, but we are definitely looking into new markets and excited to expand,” Rob Forde discusses.

“We have no doubt that because of the innovation and our willingness to adapt and change, we are going to be the right solution for people in the real estate industry for years to come,” continues Forde.

 To learn more about Harcourts USA, visit http://harcourtsusa.com

 For more on Harcourts Auctions, visit http://www.harcourtsauctions.us

 About Harcourts USA:

With over 840 offices in 10 countries, Harcourts International is one of the fastest growing real estate groups in the world.

Harcourts offers a full range of real estate services, specializing in residential, commercial and rural property sales as well as property management services. Harcourts works closely with affiliate, Luxury Property Selection to offer clients a comprehensive real estate solution.

In 2008, Harcourts launched its charitable arm, the Harcourts Foundation to provide support that helps, grows and enriches our communities. This year, Harcourts celebrated its 130th year anniversary.

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