Evolving and adapting to the current economic climate

Jan 14, 2021 6:29:14 PM

The new year has come and with it new challenges. We're still in the wake of 2020 and with the current restrictions, many businesses remain under pressure. The real estate industry continued to work through a lot of the difficulties facing in the industry. Thankfully, in some regions, the market is highly active and sales have improved beyond previous years. How do we navigate the foreseeable future and adapt enough so we can sustain and grow our business?

Real estate is constantly evolving, especially in the modern environment. Almost daily, new technologies and advancements are being introduced to agents and offices forcing the industry to rapidly monitor tools that can improve services to clients.


At Harcourts, we innovate and develop strategies that are always pushing the envelope. That way we can build up an arsenal of products and structures to help us move with the fluctuating market.

With that being said, there are areas of the market taking strain, and hopefully, these sectors of the industry can return to normal soon.

Training agents and support staff has become a crucial part of business growth and defying trends. We have seen how our Harcourts Academy delivers exceptional training programs and introduces experts from across many industries, especially when it is relevant to do so, to help us identify opportunities and keep on track. Our main goal has always been "people first" and this is at the forefront of everything we do. Whenever we introduce new tools and strategies our primary goal is whether our clients will benefit too.

When your goal shifts to helping and assisting people we find you can weather the storms because you share a common goal across the company.

The digital aspects of real estate have made connecting with clients easier and we believe the reason we continued to be successful despite COVID-19 pandemic restrictions is that we incorporated digital solutions into our service offering many years ago. We can complete the entire home selling or buying process without the client stepping into the home physically.

We will continue to innovate throughout this time and keep our teams and clients safe. We hope you are adhering to the guidelines of the restrictions and that you are wearing a mask and regularly sanitizing.

Statement by
Richard Gray
CEO Harcourts South Africa

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