Does the story of the home help sell it to buyers?

May 4, 2021 11:27:28 PM

With all the new technologies and wonderful service offerings real estate companies are able to provide their clients there are still a few crucial aspects of our industry that remain untouched by the modern market. It is often the ability to provide these insights that set you apart from the market and assist your clients to achieve success.

One particular aspect that has become a major talking point in real estate circles is the ability to personalise the selling of a home. Every home has a history and a story to tell and if those four walls could talk often they would have one amazing story to tell. So, how does the agent tap into that particular background and nuances and is there any value in that?

At Harcourts, we believe it is crucial to celebrate the home and its features because in the end, isn't that exactly what motivates buyers? The ability to see themselves in that particular home, imagining their first family cricket game in the backyard, the swing on the tree where little one will spends hours dangling, the kitchen where memories will be made that last forever.

Therefore, it is our obligation to connect with the people so we understand the home. Building relationships and abiding by a strong set of values where people are the priority guides the agent along this path.

It is in these precious moments where agent and seller connect and reminisce that value emerges and the truth of the home is brought to light.

The advantage of the modern tools is that they can enhance the story, beautiful photographs and videos, blogs about the home etc. However, it still takes human relationships to make a house a home, and that is one of the main reasons we love what we do.

Statement issued by:
Richard Gray
Harcourts South Africa

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