Coronavirus Update – Sellers

May 6, 2020 6:58:30 PM

As the world changes, we adapt so that you can continue to with your property plans.
At Harcourts, our core values drive everything we do and that means supporting our clients and the community throughout this challenging time. We have put together a series of frequently asked questions in order to help you understand and guide you through the selling process in the current situation.

Is it still possible to sell my property during the Coronavirus pandemic?
Yes, you can still sell your home or investment property during this time.  We are continuing to see a significant volume of buyer activity in the market now that the interest rate has dropped twice and have helped a large number of clients through their property transactions over the past few weeks.

We have adapted the way we operate and have adjusted our property campaigns to work really effectively during this time.

What should I do if I want to sell my property during the Coronavirus pandemic?
If you are considering selling, our team is here to help you. We are more than ready to sell your property during this period and will continue to provide the greatest service our clients have come to expect.

Can I still get my property valuated?
We are also able to offer you virtual consultation and a professional opinion of the value without needing to physically visit your property. We have a range of technologies that allow us to provide this service such as FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and various live streaming platforms.

We very much welcome you to contact us to discuss how we might appraise and successfully sell your property.

How can buyers view my property whilst lockdown is in place?
Buyers are not allowed to physically view your property right now. We recommend that new listings include additional photography, property videos and 3D virtual tours to help buyers interested in your property that are unable to inspect in person. 

How can I view a property without physically attending a private viewing?
Our sales agents are highly trained on how to conduct virtual viewings, so you can still view a property without physically being there. Virtual viewing allow buyers to be taken on a personal tour of the property of your choice at a pre-arranged time. These can be conducted via platforms such as FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and more. 

Do I need to change the approach in which I market my property?
At Harcourts, our agents are committed to providing our clients with a personalised marketing strategy regardless of the current market conditions or challenges the community is facing. We will ensure your property is given every opportunity to be seen by all potential buyers through a personalised marketing campaign. It is now more important than ever to promote your property to a targeted group of buyers and also showcase as many features of your property as possible.

See the list below of the quality online tools we can use to assist in promoting your property to the digital world.

View properties online
On website buyers can easily navigate our sales listings. Attracting 800,000 global visitors each listing on outlines everything they need to know about the property, and how to arrange an inspection method that suits both parties. Further to this, buyers can continue to use the traditional real estate portals.

Social media live tours
With much of South Africa now in lockdown and working remotely, the use of social media is essential to selling your property. Harcourts sales agents are trained and have access to specialised products that increase the digital exposure of your property through social media and search platforms, from Facebook Live Video through to Zoom, our sales agents can support you through the posting and promoting of your live tours.

Virtual tours
A virtual tour is a collection of 3D images that are stitched together in sequence and provide a user-driven video-like way to explore a property. With the ability to move independently, the buyer can explore with a click of a button, focusing on lighting, flooring, size, layout, or any other aspect of interest to them in each room. A virtual tour allows your home to remain permanently open for anyone who would like to inspect.

3D floorplans
Unlike 2D floorplans, 3D floorplans provide a better understanding of volume and space. Buyers get a great spatial sense of how each room works together, with key items like furniture helping them to understand scale.

Harcourts targeted digital marketing
Utilising Harcourts targeted digital marketing products showcase your property to a highly targeted, active buying audience with no wastage. Our packages will see your property showcased on Google, Facebook, Instagram and major Australian online publishers.

How can buyers put an offer on my property without meeting the agent?
Harcourts have systems in place so that you and the buyers can sign a contract digitally. We offer an array of technology platforms that are a safe and secure way to enable transactions to commence, all of which can be used via desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Why is Harcourts so well positioned to sell my house during this time?
Our team is always focused on working in an adaptable and innovative way, as a result they have responded well to the changing environment. We are very well positioned to face the challenges of any restrictions and will continue to adapt that way we operate as required.

If you are still looking to sell and want to engage an agent to assist you in these unique selling times, contact your local Harcourts office today.

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