Blue Circle Diaries - featuring Ryan Kourie

Aug 21, 2020 5:41:56 PM

Without a doubt one of our most recognizable Harcourts superstars, Ryan Kourie of Harcourts Rhino has the art of real estate down to a T – maintaining personal relationships with his clients, being dedicated to checking off all the finer details, and beating his competitors at securing the best stock in his market area. Ryan sure has been doing something right since 2005. 

Why did you decide to join Harcourts?
I’ve been with the group since 2005, when it was still Homenet. When Harcourts joined forces and took over roughly 10 years ago, it was extremely exciting times. To be part of an exciting international brand with the history it has, the technology platforms and systems. The strong international team and national corporate team gave me peace of mind that I was part of something very special.

What is your favourite thing about being a Harcourts team member?
Exactly that, being part of a team, the brand has an amazing family feeling about it, from the top down, everyone is part of something unique and amazing. Putting on that blue tie every day, has something really special about it. The professionalism and ethics is something that gets mentioned day in and day out when dealing with the public. In an industry that is fast moving and changing all the time, Harcourts is a market leader in technology and marketing

What do you enjoy most about being in real estate?
The flexibility to manage your own time is amazing. The earning potential is also a nice incentive, the harder you work or more hours you put in , you will be rewarded. Every day is different and complete new challenge, you never get the same 2 situations. Being able to assist people out of situations where they think they will never get out of. Being part of a journey to assist people realise their dreams of buying a home.

What advice would you offer to people new to the industry?
Hard work never killed anyone. It is very important to set goals. Find a mentor or someone you can learn from. Focus on a strong canvassing plan, choose 3 or 4 activities and become a master at it. Keep doing what everyone else wont or is too scared to do! Focus on a specific farming area and become known. Try speak to 10 new people every day! Keep networking, keep moving forward, keep at it and keep pushing! DONT GIVE UP – the harder you work, the luckier you will become.

What is your most memorable career moment to date?
Being inducted into the original BLUE CIRCLE group in 2016 and achieving a top 5 status 4 years out of 5. Also, being placed in the TOP 100 consultants at an international level being placed 82nd out of 6 700 agents. Being ranked the no.1 inland agent 3 years running!

What activities have led to your success?
Focusing on well-priced exclusive listings. He who holds the stock is king! Making as many phone calls as possible. The more calls you make, the better chance you have of getting in front of a client. Do the right thing, all the time. More than 70% percent of my current business is either repeat or referral business. Consistency and a positive attitude is key!

What is your secret to maintaining a strong relationship with clients?
Never over promise and under deliver. Rather... under promise and over deliver! Do what you say you going to do. Honesty is the key. Do the little things well and the big things will take care of themselves. Attention to detail.  Going the extra mile will always be noticed.

“Ethical business today creates business for tomorrow and clients for life”

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