Blue Circle Diaries - featuring Lizette Greyling

Sep 4, 2020 6:45:08 PM


Lizette Greyling from Harcourts Rhino is Harcourts royalty – plain and simple. Integrity comes first – and that’s her fundamental secret to success. She also attributes her successes to the support Harcourts gives. After all, we do put our people first and their success is our main mission!

Why did you decide to join Harcourts?
I joined Homenet Carletonville in 2006.  We moved to Roodepoort in 2008 where I started working with Homenet Rhino. For me there was no other choice because I rated their work ethics very highly. Homenet merged with Harcourts in 2008 and I was impressed with their values – “putting people first” and “doing the right thing”.  We have always received quality training in the company and they do put their agents first.   

What is your favourite thing about being a Harcourts team member?
Being part of a global company with good leadership and vision.

What do you enjoy most about being in real estate?
Working with people and the flexible working hours it provides. Creating my own success.  

What advice would you offer to people new to the industry?
Don’t expect overnight success, but you can rely on world class training and leadership.

What is your most memorable career moment to date?
Everytime I manage to achieve “Top 5 – Blue Circle” status and every time I get full asking price!

What activities have led to your success?
Hard work and sticking to the basics. Being honest and putting the client first.

What is your secret to maintaining a strong relationship with clients?
Honesty, full commitment, regular open communication.

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