Blue Circle Diaries - featuring Edzard Barnard

Aug 7, 2020 6:43:25 PM

BC diaries - FB - EdzardEdzard Barnard of House of Real Estate has been steadily climbing the real estate ranks throughout the years with Harcourts and has made quite a name for himself as one of our Top Selling Agents, and one of the top-selling agents in his market. He’s also the youngest person to be inducted into the exclusive Blue Circle Society, known for his quick turnaround of property sales and impressive numbers. His is a model success story of what Harcourts and our world-class resources can do to thrust any rookie agent into tremendous success. Here are some of his thoughts on being a part of this great team.

Why did you decide to join Harcourts? 
We were approached about 10 years ago through Harcourts when we were still Acutts properties, at the time Harcourts made its Debut in SA, and we were very impressed with the vision of the company, the technology and the culture of the group and wanted to be part of a bigger international brand that was eager to build an empire in SA, we believed that Harcourts was the way to go and today… it’s 10 years later and we are still as Blue as ever… 

What’s the best thing about being a Harcourts team member?
When you become part of the Harcourts group, you become a member of a big family that’s striving to be the No 1 Real Estate Agency in the marketplace, that drive for me and the hunger and mission to stand out is my favourite part of being a Harcourts Team Member. 

What do you enjoy most about being in real estate?
I am an individual that likes being challenged, the fact that Real Estate is different every single day, it brings new opportunities to satisfy families and first time home buyers. I strive to exceed the client’s expectations, that feeling for me is addictive to know that whoever you were of service to is much better off after being in contact with you, whether it’s being the perfect property matchmaker, or achieving excellent results and delivering a unique service. I’m focused on building long-term relationships as that’s what real estate is about… a peoples based business. 

What advice do you have to the rookie agents out there who hope to achieve the same level of success?
My advice to new agents entering the industry is to remain hungry all the time, be courageous and stay focused, the real estate industry is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be very disciplined, dedicated and have a strong desire to succeed. You have to be prepared to be different and to go the extra mile, but mainly you have to be people orientated. 

What’s your most memorable career moment? 
I have always pushed hard to be recognized as one of the Top 10 real estate agents in the group. In 2020 is was inducted as a member of the Blue Circle Society that’s exclusive to the top 10 agents in Harcourts SA, along with this I was the second youngest to have ever been inducted for this accolade. 

What activities do you attribute to your success?
The activities that have led to my success is attributed to a few fundamentals: consistency, hard work, integrity, dedication and a high level of commitment. 

What’s your biggest secret to success? 
I maintain strong relationships with my clients by way of social media and personal connection, to not forget their special activities in their lives, to be “part” of their lives every single day whether it’s via Facebook or personalised contact on email. I make the phone call on welcoming the new addition to the family, congratulating them when they have bought a new property or vehicle or whatever the occasion, success is doing the small things right, every single day… consistently. 

What’s a motto or philosophy that you apply in your daily life?
Respect is earned!



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