Add value to your property during lockdown

May 5, 2020 11:04:59 PM

Get your property prepared for the time when we are past this crisis.
With time on-hand while we are in various degrees of isolation or lockdown, what better way to spend that time than improving and adding value to your property. We all have the ‘to-do’ list for around the home, and now is the opportunity to tick some of these things off your list. Take advantage of this time around the house so you are ready to hit the market, if that’s your plan when then the crisis passes.     

Get outside! 
Spend your downtime outside tidying up around the garden and yard. Not only is it therapeutic and good exercise, but this is the part of the property that potential purchasers see first. Have a good look at your property and see what needs some love. Spend some time weeding, clean down the exterior walls, remove cobwebs, dust, and dirt, clean the windows, or maybe even give the exterior a fresh coat of paint.  

Declutter the inside
Make sure the interior of your property also feels the love. Spend time on those areas where we tend to store or stash things, we all have them, and they tend to get looked over. If you are planning on selling your property, use this time to tidy those areas. Clear areas, so you have a clean path and open areas in the property. Clean the inside of the windows, especially if you have spent the time and energy on the outside. If you don’t have an outside area to spend time on, open the blinds and windows to let the light in and enjoy the fresh air. 

Getting help
While you might find it impossible to get a trades person to help you right now, it is essential you only do those tasks that are safe to do, and you are not putting yourself in harm or at risk of injury. Focus on one task at a time, and sometimes it’s the little details that make the big difference. Like cleaning the front door, or re-coating a deck area, first impressions count when it comes to your property. 

Be market-ready
If selling your property is in your plan, then use this time to do your research on how you would like to sell your home. Real estate agents are available and can discuss your needs via virtual appointments. Take advantage of their local knowledge and experience to improve your understanding of how and when you would like to sell.  

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